Rhonda Courtney

Rhonda primarily works on cases with Michael Ferry and Dan Krause.

She has worked for Gateway since 1998.

In Her Own Words:
"I like helping the poor and disabled throughout Metropolitan St. Louis, and being part of Gateway's mission of making a difference in people's lives."

Pam Gallagher

Pam primarily works on cases involving Social Security claims in federal court.

She has worked for Gateway since March of 2006.

In Her Own Words:
"My favorite aspect is having a vital part in assisting clients who have been taken advantage of."


Delores Kedley

Delores manages all the accounts for Gateway, makes sure that clients get the right amount of back benefits, and ensures the office runs smoothly.

She has worked for Gateway since its spin-off from Legal Services of Eastern Missouri in 1997.

In Her Own Words:
"I enjoy seeing the culmination of efforts to get people set up with medical care, social services, and financial assistance."

Sandy Phillips

Sandy primarily works with Michael Ferry and with the other attorneys as needed.

She has worked for Gateway since March of 2006.

In Her Own Words:
"It's a fantastic feeling when I hear that our attorneys have been successful in obtaining for our clients the benefits that they desperately need, and I am proud to have been of some assistance in the process."


Traci Vallow

Traci primarily works with Candice Vega and assists other attorneys as needed.

She has worked for Gateway Legal Services since June 2012 and also worked for three years for a private attorney specializing in SSA Disability Insurance Benefits.

In Her Own Words:                                                                                                                                                                                                                              "I enjoy coming into work every day and the wonderful feeling that at the end of the day, I helped someone in need and assisted them in changing their lives for the better."