Send the letter by certified mail with a return receipt request (the postmaster will help you), and keep a copy of what you send.  When you receive the green card receipt back, put it with the copy of the letter you sent.  These dispute letters should be sent to the debt collectors or collection agencies, and collection law firms.  You can also send a copy to the actual creditor if you know who that is and their address.


Your Name

Your Address

City, State, Zip

Their name
Their address
Their city, state, zip

RE: File #…  Creditor Name… Creditor Acct #.. Amt $…

(include all information that will assist bill collector identify which account you are writing about).

Dear bill collector:

This letter is your notice that I dispute the above referenced debt.  This is not my account (or I do not owe this balance, or whatever your reason for disputing the validity).  I request that you verify this account with all pertinent information, including the original creditor’s identity (for situations in which the original creditor is unidentified), principal amount, late charges, interest, and collection costs that have been assessed.

Please cease all efforts at collection of this account until you have provided me the validation or verification information I have requested.