Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long will I have to wait to have a hearing?
The average wait from the time your application is denied to the time you have a hearing is 12-24 months.

2) How much is your fee?
Gateway charges a lower fee than what most lawyers charge.  Most lawyers charge a 25% fee - but Gateway charges less.  Many types of cases are no fee.  There is no cost to contact Gateway about your case.  Gateway charges either a reduced fee, or no fee, depending on the type of case.  When there is a fee, it is always a percentage of the past-due benefits award at the end of a winning case, as follows:
  • 20% for SSI cases
  • 22% for Social Security (DIB) cases
  • No fee for overpayments
  • No fee for terminations
  • No fee for advice
  • No fee if you lose

Sometimes, the process used by Social Security to calculate your past-due benefits can result in your getting an extra payment just because you had a lawyer helping you on your case.

3) If I win my case, what happens next?
You should receive a written decision from the Social Security Administration.  Take that decision to your local Social Security office and they will begin the process of paying you.

4) Will I meet my attorney before my hearing?

5) What if I go to a new doctor?
You should contact our office immediately and let us know of any changes in medical treatment.

6) Will Social Security send me to a doctor?
Yes.  It is quite possible that you will be sent to a consultative examination.  This is a doctor who is paid by the Social Security Administration to examine you.  It is important to attend these appointments. 

7) If I don't have a doctor or regular medical treatment, can I still apply for benefits?
Yes.  Regular medical treatment is very important to your claim, but it does not need to stop you from applying. 

8) How long does it take to know if you will take my case?
We contact you as soon as possible.  You may contact the intake coordinator at anytime to check on the status of your case.  Please call: (314)534-0404.

9) Do I have to come to your office to find out if you will take my case?
No.  We would be glad to meet with you in person.  However, if you are unable to come to our office, we can make other arrangements.  Simply print the forms that are available on this website on the home page, or under the contact us tab.  Fill out these forms and mail or fax them to us.  Also, you can call us and we can mail you an intake packet. 

10) What if I have a case manager, social worker, or other advocate helping me?
We work closely with advocates and encourage their help and assistance in your claim.